492 W Hwy 44, Wildwood
Orlando & Kissimmee MAP
Entering the park through the main gateway from Highway 44 puts you on a scenic gravel roadway snaking through the front end of the park, providing views of the gators lounging in roadside pools from 6 feet to monsters over 11 feet. Visitors will have the opportunity to see our baby gators and hold an alligator. You can feed alligators from a raised platform, dangling a pole over a swirling collection of young gators looking forward anxiously to a treat provided by GatorWorld of course! It’s a unique feature that combines the visual excitement of a live gator encounter with the experience of making contact with a member of one of the oldest reptilian species nature has to offer. Visitors also can spend time in GatorWorld Parks’ petting zoo, where a collection of small and cuddly animals await the attention of visitors.